Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coming soon.... (that's what she said)

Future thoughts that I must write down now, in order to ensure I commit to them:

Why the fuck is my cat licking the carpet? I know it's clean.... I just vacuumed. (I lied, I'm really going to write about that later.)
I don't think Obama would have gotten elected if he was married to a white woman. Our country acts like we're not still racist, but even borderline racist white people can accept blacks if they see them as "keeping with their own kind." I think there is some underlying hypocrisy, even in having a black president. Just b/c we elected him doesn't mean we're suddenly good people and the rest of the world will stop hating us.

.... There was something else, which I've already forgotten, just after that one paragraph. Damnit.

I hope Android kills the iPhone. I want it so bad I can taste it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Ode to Bottled Pop (and to calling it "pop")

Some pop is better in cans. Some in bottles. And still others from a fountain tap. But it doesn't really make sense....

I know that fountain pop is different. Many people seem to prefer it. I don't. I prefer bottles, but for various reasons.

First of all, my favorite pop is Code Red Mountain Dew. It has been for nearly 10 years and I don't think that's going to be changing any time soon. However, I really only like it in bottles. I'll drink it anyway, I suppose, but the bottle taste is the one ingrained in me. The others may not taste very much different (fountain is preferred over cans), but I think a lot of my preference is psychological. I'm not quite sure when Code Red came out, I'm sure I could wiki it, but it's unimportant. I didn't immediately like it the moment it hit market.... I never hop onto new things like that. But it grew on me during my middle and high school years. This is where the psychological part sneaks in. During those years my time was filled with hallway vending machines, before and after school trips to the convenient store down the street, football games, grueling practice hours and long bus rides. This was a time for bottles. It's not very common to see a vending machine for cans anymore and it was becoming uncommon, even then. Also, when you're going to classes, or generally on-the-go, you are not going to take a can with you. Cans are messy, inconvenient to carry and they go flat way too fast (my personal pet peeve). Even as I grew up, got my own car and went to college, convenient stores were still the way to go. And college bred the same environment; vending machines, cafe coolers and late night study lounges.

Cans require a different sort of person. A person with a sense of more immediacy, or perhaps with less caring for quality. I'm not a can person. I don't have the immediacy. My pop goes flat. I cannot bring myself to drink flat pop; it disgusts me. Therefore, my quality standards are too high. There are some things I like in cans, like the Orange Crush I'm drinking right now, which I've discovered I like vastly more than the bottled Orange Fanta they sell at work.... though the issues there seem to be with carbonation.

Also, a California observance:
Coke products. Because of my inclination for Mountain Dew (regular Mt.Dew is the default preference in the face of nearly perpetual lack of Code Red), I prefer establishments that carry Pepsi products. Barely anywhere here has Pepsi. Some of the normal fast food changes do, but there is a heavy bias toward Coke here. What makes it even funnier is the Dr. Pepper. Apparently, everyone here loves Dr. Pepper. You will go up to a random vending machine and the selections will include: Coke, Diet Coke, Dasani, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper, & Iced Tea (or something arbitrary). Establishments which would normally only carry Coke products add on Dr. Pepper as well. My mom mentioned this phenomena being present in Texas as well, which leads me to consider it a southern thing. Not just a "California" thing. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I found Jesus. He was hiding in my fucking calendar.

Fuck alot of this shit! Seriously?!

What percentage of people are religious? A pretty decent number. Now religion wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for the fact that it is continually shoved in everyone's faces. I'm quiet and respectful of other's beliefs..... at least when in company. The internet is made for bitching.

Here's the thing:
I just came home from the store - Walmart of all places - where I purchased a calendar. There were many calendars available, some of them with religious messages or connotations to them. Due to my own personal beliefs, I chose NOT to purchase a calendar that had any religious message or overtones. A bought a calendar with fucking pies on it. Yes. PIES. Pies don't seem to be a very religious thing, at least I didn't think so. Did Jesus eat pie at the last supper? NO. But what do I find when I open my calendar? A cardboard insert, intended for keeping the calendar's shape while in the store. This insert could have been a plain, boring, brown piece of trash. Instead, it was a brown, boring, piece of trash COVERED in Bible verses and other religious jargon.

Why? My life doesn't need to be invaded with this.

Pagans are wicked awesome

I get along very well with pagans. I'm not sure why. I'm not pagan, I'm not really religious at all, but their personalities seem to mesh well with mine. I never discuss religion with them so it isn't a direct correspondence. I don't really know much about modern paganism. I know the basics of the concepts behind it, but I don't any more about the different strains of paganism that are around now than someone who says "All Christians believe in Jesus and are therefore all the same."

The concept interests me. Especially since I have never actively tried to befriend pagans (Should pagans be capitalized? Probably, but I wouldn't want to go all "politically correct" now, lol). I have never been extremely close friends with any pagans, none that I've been on "best friend" terms, or anything like that, but I've been casual friends with enough of them to realize that there's something to it. I know it's not directly due to the fact that they're pagans, but I also know that there is a vast array of personality traits that one must possess to be open-minded about religion and a number of other of life's mysteries.... and some of those traits must be present in order for me to really want to get to know someone. Or, more importantly, for me to actually be able to stand being around them for any significant length of time.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Perhaps a beginning...

Inspiration is fleeting and should never be squandered. But at what expense? We often put things off, thinking that they can wait. How many times have ideas been lost forever because we didn't have the necessary time to bring them to life? It also leaves one to wonder what your priorities are. If I'm sitting at work and I'm suddenly struck by inspiration it is likely I will ignore it. Perhaps I will daydream about it for a minute or two, compose something that sounds more brilliant in my head than anything I've ever committed to paper, sometimes I will ever scratch out a note to myself, under the guise that I will be able to pick up the inspiration again, right where I dropped it off. But that seldom happens. I'm not the type to get inspired often. I will have a few moments, or sentences of brilliance and then rant off into the night. Sometimes my brain works so fast that I will lose something important to the ether before I'm able to finish fleshing out the current thought. And then it's gone. Like it never even happened. So what does one sacrifice in order to do what feels right?