Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OCD #3

Public restrooms.

Now, it would be considered normal if I refused to use public restrooms, a lot of people have a problem with them. But I'm not paranoid that they're full or germs, nor am I going to refuse to actually sit on the toilet in an effort to perfect hover pissing. I'm just weird.

In a public restroom I have conflicting interests. First, I have to go into a bathroom that at least appears to be relatively sanitary. I'm not delusional about my options, I just can't have shit (literally or figuratively) all over the place in my stall. However, this need is often complicated by my strange desire to go into the least lit stall. I think it has something to do with the fact that bathrooms are often lit far too brightly, in an initial attempt to make them appear cleaner, and I seek to avoid this brightness. However, it makes it difficult for me to accurately assess the cleanliness of a stall when there is less light. Thus, my dilemma.

This concludes today's episode of me writing about inane shit that nobody ever wanted to know. :)