Sunday, August 14, 2011

Foto Zeit!

A bunch of unedited randoms. Basically. I'm just trying to get myself back into actively posting by throwing a bunch of stuff on here. I'm going to put up an all Comic-Con post i the next few days, as well.

For now, these include experimentation with my new 50mm prime lens, our trip to Erie (non-wedding pics; wedding pics later), and my virgin hike at Lake Morena. Don't be confused, it wasn't virginal because I'd never hiked Lake Morena before - I hadn't, it was virginal because I had never hiked before. I knew, right? You're mind; it's just been blown. Don't worry; being blown is a good thing. ;)

Anywho, enjoy:

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random pics

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Nighttime at the playground

Playing around with my new lens a bit. Playground at the park near my apartment. Unedited.

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Mission Beach photo day

Just some of my favorites caught while shooting near and around Mission Beach. All unedited, by the way. Though I may go through them and do a little bit of color optimizing and such later.

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