Thursday, June 24, 2010

Planning is the 1st step toward Procrastination

Things I would like to work on:

 - developing a photography portfolio
 - get some writing done that can be used as good samples, preferably concentrating on a specific category of     reporting or similar style

Neither of those would be very difficult if I could actually get my act together and just do it. The photography is theoretically easier, but most of my work lacks portraits.... or humans. This is mostly an artistic choice, and I stand by it. But, if I would like to possibly submit the portfolio in hope of finding work then I really need to get some good "people shots." I would also need a better camera..... or perhaps I would be better suited to learn some editing techniques and start touching up my current work.

Things I NEED to do, rather than want to:

Take my GRE.... study for my GRE.... sign up for a fucking date to take my GRE.

Obviously not quite in that order. I'm still moderately dreading it. Plus I'm double bad at studying without a deadline. I work well under pressure, extremely well in many cases. Without that pressure I simply don't work... not very productive there. So, the new plan is to see how far in advance I can schedule my GRE test date. That way I will be forcing myself into a deadline, but I will also still be giving myself as much time as I can spare. I need to get my application together for submission by September. I still need to email two Poli Theory profs and cross my fingers, too. Then I need to eventually find my 3rd recommendation letter....

*le sigh*

And now, a picture that makes anyone feel better:
The gorgeous Deborah Ann Woll, as True Blood's Jessica Hamby.

(I have not yet been able to locate the source to properly credit this photo. If anyone has that information, I would very much like to have it.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

7 Months of San Diego

I should really post something more than once a month.... at least slightly more.

Yesterday the radio traffic report informed me that the highway was full of teddy bears. Unfortunately it was not the highway that I was on. If it had been I may have stopped for a souvenir, or at least an interesting photo. I haven't been doing much real photography lately, so it would have been nice to get some interesting shots. San Diego is a beautiful place, but most of the sights are very.... photo typical. It's not really anything that hasn't been seen or that would peak any interest. I'd really like to get a decent portfolio going so that I could possibly get some work doing wedding photography. I would also need a better camera though. Something that has been on my "WANT" list for a couple years now, but has never made its way to top priority. I mean, how could it when there are super important things like whips, corsets and knives to buy??! lol.

In other news, I've discovered over the past few months that I mesh well with San Diego drivers. I've always been an aggressive driver, which never really suited my previous demographic. It blends well here. Some drivers can be assholes, but it's that way no matter where you are. For the most part I have discovered that San Diego drivers will let you do/go where you want as long as you take the initiative. If you are hesitant, it won't work. If you sit there, slow down and wait for someone to let you in.... it might work, but not in real traffic, only if you're coming out of a parking lot or something. If you just take your car and put it where you need to be, people will make way for you. It seems to be a mutual thing of respect even, lol. Oh, and you have to be driving fast - always - in order for this to work. But... that's never been much of a problem for me.

I also have gotten so used to 4+ lane highways, that I now feel cramped when driving on a 2-3 lane highway. I was never really afraid of big highways though.... like pretty much everyone back home. 

Until next time, kids; hit me up with photography suggestions - my creativity is currently void.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Why blog?

Why, oh why, do I want to write things anywhere other than on you?

I guess I will have to explore this problem later..... as I have gotten used to a 5am bedtime, but it's already 5:40am; waaaaay past my bedtime.

In other news, Red Dead Redemption is h4wt. I will elaborate later.