Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So, I'm planning a wedding...

I'm not as excited about this as I'm told I should be, lol. I'm really quite happy, but I'm not looking forward to the expense. Therefore, I'm exploring my options and I'm gonna do as much DIY and "on-the-cheap" things I can.

I'm looking for a dress right now. I'm much more picky about what it looks like than some bullshit designer. I haven't found anything I love yet, but I'm gonna check out the department stores before I enter the dreaded bridal salons.

We're doing the summer wedding thing. But we're doing it on a weekday. I really wanted to do it on the solstice, but that's a Tuesday. Roger said, "Who gives a fuck if it's a Tuesday?" So, we're doing it on the summer solstice. :)

I'm gonna try to see if I can get a friend to take some engagement photos for us. That way they'll be cheap and I can use a picture on our invites. I'm either going to make the invites myself, or do them online through Kinkos or something similar. Depends on the pricing. I'm also gonna make labels to put on candies as wedding favors. I've seen them on hershey kisses and reeses cups before. It's just a fucking sticker on the bottom and they charge HOW much for that? Give me a break! lol. And hair and makeup will be provided via Mom; who used to do makeup for a living. I'm sure I'll think of more things I can do myself to add to this list.

My mom is looking into a possible venue, which seems really nice. If we do use this place it will be all outdoors and we can have the ceremony and the reception both in the same location, which I like. My mom knows someone else who is planning their wedding there and they said the owner of the property is a really fantastic older woman who will help with any and all arrangements you want her to. Since she's been renting out her space in this manner for a long time she knows all the good places to get bargains too, lol. Plus, I'm pretty fond of the notion of a free wedding coordinator coming with the venue. Especially since I'm going to be 2500 miles away until a few days before the wedding!!!!

Also, ceremony? I'm totally not fond of that concept. It seems way too formal for me and that would make me uncomfortable. A wedding is basically just a big party for me, so.... I'm gonna exclude all the bullshit I don't like. Unless Penn Jillette will be my officiant. Seriously. Where else am I going to find an awesome, intelligent, atheistic speaker who can both amuse and engage an audience?? I think I'm screwed, lol.

For now, I'm gonna dump some links here; of things I like and want to consider, in relation to wedding planning:
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Don't read this if you don't want to hear about my VAGINA, lol

Preface: I recently had an IUD (also: IUC) inserted. For me this was a very painful and excruciating experience. It happened about 2 weeks ago, but I've started to have a little pain again over the last day or 2.

What follows is a pretty awesome chat convo:

K: So is your new birthcontrol still bothering you?

Me: I'm not sure if it's that or not. :/:/
I thought I might be starting my period b/c I'm having sporadic, sudden cramps and some spotting, but.... it's way too soon for my period again.
I think my body might just be adjusting to not having all the BC hormones and it's confused.
K: Oh I see...could you just be progo? Haha

Me: No. Bad answer. lol

K: Hahaha that woukd suck..
Me: Also, they tested me before putting my new thing in
After work, when I was complaining to Roger about it, I actually said that they "installed" it in me.

K: Like its a new program they just put in you... Hahaha
Youre updated now! You got the lastest software yay!

Me: Hahaha, yeah.... I was obviously at work too long.
Software, for your Gine.

K: Well I guess in this case its hardware...

Me: Ah, true. Upgrade my built-in anti-virus protection.

K: hahahahahahaha

Me:  damn hackers, always trying to spam my uterus
K: Sav wants to know if its upnp?
Me: what?
I'm slow!
And I guess it is.... but, it's on a private network.

K: oh thats good, you dont want that available a public network

Me: Yeah, no way. It's definitely encrypted.
K: Ok wow! We are EXTREMELY nerdy!

Me: Yes.... I realize this. rofl.